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TutorGlass英語壺鈴教學-部落客用照片 (11)  



利用穿戴裝置,讓外籍顧問透過 TutorGlass 線上實境教學系統





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中文對照原文 Only for myself. Hario V60 金屬濾網 獨享杯 


For me, I’m used to have a cup of hand-made dripping coffee every morning. As I dig into this hand-drip field, the collection of the device is getting more and varied.

There are two normal kinds of filter cups, one is 3 hold and the other one is tapered shape, The Hario V60. The filter paper is needed for these two kinds of dripping way. I have to keep storage the filter paper every 100 cups. Once you forget, then….

Be Frankly, I always wanna buy a metal filter cup.

I’ve heard that the metal filter which can preserve the flavor of aromatic oil of coffee bean. Also there’s no need for filter paper anymore(When I forget to storage the filter paper, at least I still can pour me a cup of coffee with metal filter)

At the same time, my coffee partners was calling for group buying. I saw a tiny and easy to portable metal filter cup with a small mug. For many good reasons, it’s really hard not to buy. On the other hand, I’ve already have Syphon, two filter cups which filter paper is just well-storaged, balancing syphon and Moka pot. I’m really in between…

Base on a loving coffee heart, I decided to buy it and do a complete series comparison.

As you can see, the metal filter cup with scale, the line in the below means 12g coffee bean, the upper line is 15g. Considering the filtration rate, it’s not really precisely to measure the weight with the volume.

Lighter roasts is always my favorite, 15g coffee bean with 200ml water.

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